For Sigourney Weaver

because you know you love her

Sigourney Weaver Fans
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This community is for Sigourney Weaver. Not too many rules. Just get along. No fighting. Curse as much as you like, but don't say stupid things. Anyone who posts anything negative about her will be banned and the post will be deleted.
What you CAN do:
-Quote her from interviews
-Quote favorite lines from her movies (if excessive dialogue, please put behind a cut tag)
-Tell us anything and everything you know about her.
-Tell us your favorite movies she's in.
-Tell us why you like her.
-Talk about her good roles and her BEST roles.
-Talk about the movies she's been in.
-Post pictures of her. (no porn or nude)
-Talk about the characters she's played.
What you CAN'T do:
-Say something bad about her.
-We don't wanna know about your sexual fantasies, this isn't a whack shack, yes she is attractive but we don't want to here about the bonar you got while watching her on screen.
Those are the rules. Anyone who does the CAN'T will be banned and posts will be deleted.
It's an easy life. Let's have fun and talk some Sigourney!

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