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I just spent 75$ on the Alien Quadrilogy 9 disc set. It's hott! Everything ever documents on the Alien Quadrilogy on those discs!
I watched Alien 1 and it scared the crap out of me. Sigourney was great. I watched all of them in row. I'm amazed at the changes they put the character Ripley in
1st: she's this hard core bitch who knows everything and is the smartest because if they had only listened to her they wouldn't be dead. She basically throws her weight around and is just tough like she should be.
2nd: she has a baby...and it dies *tear* so she's not as hard and rugged as the first. Now she's calmed and hurt and much more emotional. She starts to care about things and is much more noble. This movie is my fav. out of all of them.
3rd: meh. she realizes the Aliens will never leave her alone. Everyone she cares for dies because of them and it seems like they hunt her. And then she finds out that she has one inside of her. She knows what it'll do. So she kills herself. So sad. It fit and all, but I still don't think she should have died.
4th: odd. I have absolutely no ide where this come sin. She's whacky, careless, clever, funny, odd, not human, sexy, and the list goes on. She's warned them and warned them again and again and even killed herself the stop it from happening. But the idiots braught her back! After all she did to stop them she still did not succeed. So her and Ryder(who was great) saved the world...again.
It was cool. I cant wait for next weekend so I can watch all the documentraries and deleted scenes. i reccomend anyone buy it!
My favorite will be the second and my least favorite the third. 4th and 1st rocked my socks! LOL.
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