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New here

Hello everyone, just joined so thought i'd say hi :) I've been a huge fan of Sigourney ever since I saw Gorillas In The Mist in high school about 4 years ago. Aliens and Death and the Maiden are my 2 favorite movies.
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Oh, hi. Activity level isn't sky rocketing, but some of us stop by now and then. I personally consider her the best female actor that's been on the screen. I'm now waiting for her latest movie Imaginary Heroes which was advertized by siguourneyfan (I live in Europa, the releases are slower there).

Imaginary Heroes is a great movie, I really loved it! :)
Imaginary Heroes is in my top 5 Siggy movies. I love the black humour in it. The scene where Siggy is standing there while these two women just nonchalantly speak at her son's funeral is funny, and then she gets a ring on the door and it's her worst enemy. brilliant. I love that those two women are credited as Innapropriate Soccor Mom 1 and 2.