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Just joined...

started noticing Sigourney 10-11 years ago in Aliens. Always found her to be an enthralling in a strange way and for me she also represents the strong woman, both in the movies and her interpretations of her roles.

My favorites:

1. Alien
2. Copycat
3. Snow White in the Black Forest
4. Death and The Maiden
5. Galaxy Quest

I hope to expand my knowledge regarding SW through joining this group, so hi.
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unfortunately it's kinda dead in here, but we can always talk^^
would you agree that Sigourney Weaver doesn't have the typical Hollywood looks, but a more alien (no pun intended)or classical beauty? (Well, it could be just me).

When did you realize she was a magnificent actress and not just another actress? For me it wasn't when I first saw her (at the time I just thought the alien movies was cool, with no consideration to actors or actresses) but rather it came around Copycat, the way she made the main character come to life was amazing. At this point I had bought Ice Storm, but didn't see it, I just let it collect dust, and then late one night I saw the Death and the Maiden - boom. I then watched Ice Storm, and it reassessed everything, I couldn't think of any actress of the same caliber as Weaver, in my book she is number one (and continues to be). I have to admit that her role in Galaxy Quest wasn't what I expected of her, but when I saw the interview on the disc, I came to appreciate her role more, it was something un-typical of her to do and that was why she did it.

Did you ever see Weaver on Saturday Night Live? They do a spoof of aliens:)

Yes, I babble.
Just one final thing: what does ^^ mean? (not quite updated to the new signs, sorry).

Have a joyful day
I totally, definitely agree with you. She looks stronger, tougher than most actresses, but not in the bad way? Like, beautifully strong maybe...but yeah i get your point.
Personally, i loved her in Ghostbusters, the first movie i remember seeing actually (with Robocop...), when i was very little. You know in the second one, when she has the baby and stuff? Well i was so young i actually thought she was my mother and it traumatized me a little bit. I was afraid to go in the bathroom for months because i was afraid the slime was going to get me.
But anyway, that's what made me love her. She just had something special.
Then one day, my mother brought Alien Resurrection home, and i decided it was my favorite movie ever. I hadn't seen the other Alien movies yet, so one christmas i got all of the Alien movies it was beautiful.
I saw Copycat two years ago and loved it. It's an awesome movie.
I also saw both Ice Storm and Galaxy Quest, but i like them less than the other movies she made.
I never saw Saturday Night Live unfortunately (i'm french, in the US since last august).
Which Alien movie is your favorite? Most people say the first one but as i saw Alien Resurrection first it ruined it for me and i wasn't surprised or scared by the first one.
I have the nine DVDs of the Alien Quadrilogy, and it has every movie twice (with the scenes they cut off), and Aliens with the extra scenes is probably the best. Alien 3 is always good though.
^^ => ^_^ => a little smiley face
Ah, when it comes down to the Alien Quad, I have that one too. I would say that Alien is my favorite amongst them, but I sort of put alien and alien 3 as pure horror and aliens, alien resurrection as more action horror. As to Saturday Night Live, I thought they were shown on MTV Europe for a while back in the nineties. Oh, I am Norwegian (Scandinavia - Northern Europa) by the way. I thought Gorilla's In The Mist was powerful, what did you think of it?

^_^, ah the plot thickens..
A bit off-topic, sorry.
I almost forgot, have you seen City Of Lost Children/Delicatessen? The crew that made Resurrection is the same and Josh Whedon the director will soon be releasing Serenity, a movie from his science fiction series Firefly. (Yes, the same Whedon that makes Buffy, which is not something that I am too fond off...)

Actually i did like Buffy for a couple of years and when i noticed he was in Resurrection i got all excited.
I've never seen those movies either...i really should rent a bunch a movies this summer.
Did you ever see Firefly?
Wow, it's weird cos i did the same thing with the Alien movies with my little brother a long time ago. Alien was scary, Aliens was disgusting, Alien3 was dark and Alien Resurrection was a mix of all of them. Or something.
Back in the nineties i didn't have MTV :-(
Unfortunately i never got to see Gorillas in the Mist because i was grounded when they showed it on TV, and then my mother told me it wasn't good so i decided never to watch it because i was afraid i was going to be disappointed. How cute of me. Maybe i'll rent it someday.
Gorilla's In The Mist is a drama movie based on a true story, so it's more down to earth and tells a story of a woman's struggles to keep the gorillas alive in Africa, the woman in question is missing in Africa.

When it comes to City Of Lost Children, it's french (the film crew behind Resurrection was imported from France to make it with Whedon). Be warned that they make very surrealistic movies, but you should recognize the main character, namely Ron Pearlman. Several of the actors are also in City Of Lost Children appear in Resurrection.

Yes, I have seen Firefly, I liked it's character's very much. Serenity I think will soon enter the cinema circles and Whedon said something that if it becomes successful he'll start the series again (rumor).


My top 5 Siggy movies (excluding the alien movies)

1. Imaginary Heroes
2. Heartbreakers
3. Death and the Maiden
4. Gorillas In The Mist
5. Copycat

(w/ Galaxy Quest and The Ice Storm being close up there too)

My favorite Alien movie is Alien 3, followed by Alien and Aliens. Resurrection was the first one I saw and was cool to me at first until I realized how much better the other three are. Still good though.

My least favorite Siggy movies are...

1. Half Moon Street
2. Deal of the Century
3. Holes
4. Company Man
5. Eyewitness

(also not too fond of The Year Of Living Dangerously or The Village)

You should check out Siggy in Jeffery, it's a really nice cameo role that she does well.