xenoripley (xenoripley) wrote in weaver_fanz,

siggy references on tv shows

I just thought Id post these 2 references to Sigourney from TV Shows.

This one was from Mama's Family:
Their discusing untraditional names for babies.

Iola: The Smith's named their daughter Sigourney after Sigourney Weaver
Mama: Oh yeah, I heard it was because it looked like a gorilla

(obviously a reference to Gorillas in the Mist)

This one was from MADtv:

The sketch is called Sling Blade II, in which they take the movie and make it an action sci fi film. They claim its being directed by James Cameron and when they introduce the female lead the voice over says "And Jennifer Aniston in the role Sigourney Weaver turned down".

It makes me light up to hear Siggy references. :)
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