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letter, anyone?

Hey guys.
I was just wondering if any of you ever sent Sigourney Weaver a letter, and if you got anything in return. Also, what address did you send it to?
I have been wanting to for more than ten years now, but for some reason i'm afraid of doing it, maybe because i am afraid i will be disappointed if i get no answer or something.
Anyway, she is so awesome. I think that is my main point.
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I sent one to her agents, Sam Cohn, office and got nothing back, so I called his secretary and asked her what I needed to do to get a response and she suggested I send the package to her publicist. I never tried though, I'm not sure why I never tried. Try calling her agent's office to get her publicists office.

Also, try sending something to whatever film she is doing currently. I know someone got an autograph from when she was filming Imaginary Heroes. She is done filming Infamous and Snow Cake, so I would suggest sending something to The TV Set or Awake. Try looking up the companies involved in the production and getting in touch with them to get the proper adresses.
awesome, thanks a lot^^