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New movies

December 30, 2005

The world of TV development is the target of a new satire from 'Orange County' and 'Zero Effect' director JAKE KASDAN, and ET is on the set with stars DAVID DUCHOVNY and SIGOURNEY WEAVER!

"Jake's really written a comical kind of view -- although heartfelt and sad -- about what happens to a guy's story that means something to him," David tells ET, "and then it gets thrown through the chute of networks and producers and it comes out a different kind of a beast altogether."
In the movie, hitting theaters in 2006, David plays Mike Klein, a man who sells his TV pilot to a network. But once the initial excitement wears off, the path to production takes a tumble down the rabbit hole of dimwitted, micro-managing TV execs (Sigourney and 'Fantastic Four' star IOAN GRUFFUDD) and a manager ('Elizabethtown''s JUDY GREER) whose only loyalty is to whatever show gets on the air. With a pregnant wife, a spendthrift mother and mounting expenses, can Mike maintain his vision? Or is it more important just to keep his baby in diapers?

David sports a bushy new beard in the movie, a look that's the result of a compromise, explains the former "X-Files" star. "[Jake and I] were talking about [my character], and he said, 'Will you gain 20 pounds?' and I said, 'I'll just grow a beard,'" he reveals. "It keeps on getting thicker. Throughout the movie it's going to have a different look ... My wife [TÉA LEONI] doesn't like it much."

Sigourney, whose own father was a well-known TV executive, says she used little of her real-life experience to draw from. "My father wanted to put ballet and opera on television, and 'The Today Show' and 'The Tonight Show,' so I have not been able to use my father for this at all," she says. "He was not interested in the bottom line in a way my character is. I'm interested in absolutely the ratings and that's about it, and certainly I'm very enthusiastic about playing to the lowest common denominator in every single timeslot during the whole week."

As for the reality shows her faux network airs, Sigourney shares her concern that they may one day become the real deal. "I worry that networks are actually going to steal some of our fake show ideas, like 'Slut Wars' and 'The World's Grossest Meals,'" she says with a smile. "I mean, these are shows that someone might actually want to watch. They certainly are maybe slightly worse than what's already on the air."

Found these on imdb.com..I think most of them will come out this yeat at least. Knowing my luck most are probably a bunch of indie movies and they will never get released by me and I'll have to wait for the dvds lol

Infamous (2006) (completed)

Plot Outline: While researching his book In Cold Blood, writer Truman Capote (Jones) develops a close relationship with convicted murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.

Credited cast: Toby Jones .... Truman Capote Sandra Bullock .... Harper Lee Daniel Craig .... Perry Smith Gwyneth Paltrow .... Peggy Lee Sigourney Weaver .... Babe Paley Jeff Daniels .... Alvin Dewey Isabella Rossellini .... Gloria Guinness Hope Davis .... Slim Keith Morgan Farris .... Nancy Clutter

Snow Cake (2005) (post-production)

Plot Outline: A drama focused on the friendship between a high-functioning autistic woman (Weaver) and a man (Rickman) who is traumatized after a fatal car accident.

Credited cast: Alan Rickman .... Alex Sigourney Weaver .... Linda Carrie-Anne Moss .... Maggie James Allodi .... Clyde rest of cast listed alphabetically: Jackie Brown .... Waitress Selina Cadell Jayne Eastwood David Fox Johnny Goltz .... Rookie Cop Emily Hampshire Mark McKinney .... Neighbour Callum Keith Rennie .... John Neil Julie Stewart

Happily N'Ever After (2005) (post-production)
Plot Outline: A retelling of several Grimm's fairy tales.

Credited cast: Sigourney Weaver .... Frieda (voice) Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Ella (voice) Freddie Prinze Jr. .... Rick (voice) George Carlin .... Wizard (voice) Michael McShane .... Rumplestiltskin (voice) Patrick Warburton .... Prince (voice) Andy Dick .... Mambo (voice) Wallace Shawn .... Munk (voice) Jon Polito .... Wolf #1 (voice)

Awake (2006) (filming) ...i have a feeling her role in this isn't a big one

Plot Outline: The story focuses on a man (Christensen) who suffers "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. His young wife (Alba) must wrestle with her own demons as a drama unfolds around them

Credited cast: Hayden Christensen .... Clay Lena Olin Jessica Alba .... Sam rest of cast listed alphabetically: Trent Ford Steven Hinkle .... Young Clay Terrence Howard Sam Robards Stewart Summers .... Physician Sigourney Weaver Court Young

Ok that's all I see on here....i'm starting to wonder about some of these movies though since Happily N'Ever After and Snow Cake have 2005 releases...I hope they are still coming out. Just hope one of these movies comes out soon we need some new Siggy movies :-)
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TV Set and Awake will both probably come to a town near you. Snow Cake and Infamous I'm not so sure. I was suprised that Imaginary Heroes actually came to a town near me. It was really exciting to see.