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I've been a huge fan of Sigourney for the past 11 years now (i'm 17 soon)...cos she's the best and she rocks etc...when i was a kid i thought she was my mom for a while...hum yeah i was confused^^
AnywayZ, i'm looking for a picture of her tattoo in Alien Resurrection, you know, the 8 on her left arm? I would really appreciate it if anybody had one...yeah.
I'm thinking of getting that tattoo at one point maybe...i don't know yet, i don't want to rush but i'd love it. Did any of you thought about it too?
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I have 4 Alien tattoos. Be very careful about getting one of Sigourney. I have two of her and one is awful. One is great. I also have a facehugger and 4 alien eggs. I'll post pictures for you soon.
that's awesome!! when did you got them?
i'm looking forward seeing pics^^